General Powers:  TCSA Board of Directors manage the business and affairs of the corporation.

Number and Election of Directors:  Board of Directors are presently comprised of eleven directors.  Directors have three year terms and are elected by a majority vote of the general membership at the annual conference.  A director must be employed by a Community Supervision and Corrections Department or a Juvenile Probation Department.  Any director who stops working for a CSCD or JPD will not be terminated based on this cessation of employment for up to nine months, provided he/she is actively seeking employment in the field.

Regular Meetings:  Typically directors meet twice a year.  First meeting is usually around February.  Second meeting is held during the annual conference.​​

​​Quorum:  A quorum is comprised of twenty-five percent of the directors.

Meeting by Conference Telephone:  This is permissible.

Vacancies:  Any board vacancy to fill an unexpired term may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining directors​​​.

Compensation:  Directors are not compensated.​​

Note:  The above is extrapolated from the by-laws.​​