A major CSR project was coordinated by Lonnie Rogers of Burnet County/33rd & 424th Judicial Districts CSCD on August 7-9, 2015.

 This is the 24th year that the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce transformed Lake Marble Falls into a liquid quarter-mile “racetrack” and the banks of lake Marble Falls into a thrilling three-day boat race party.

"I had 2 main groups of Adult Community Service workers scattered out over the event area. One group was concentrated in the area where the boats are taken out of the water after they have finished their passes and another group was patrolling the spectator area, pits and vendor area changing out trash receptacles. Both groups combined averaged around 80 probationers each day of the event, which lasted from 8:00 am until the chamber closed the event around 5:00 pm each day. With temperatures averaging 105 degrees, heat related health emergencies were a strong concern."

​​This is a good event for the Community and this is Mr. Rogers 20th year working the three day event, 9 years working a group of residents from the 33rd and 424th Judicial District Intermediate Sanction Facility and 11 years working regular probationers from the 33rd and 424th Judicial Districts CSCD.