The Texas Community Service Association (TCSA) is a recognized 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation in the State of Texas. It began operations in 1995 and was incorporated on March 18, 2008. It exists for the explicit purpose of promoting the effective development and administration of community service restitution programs.

Each year the organization meets for several days to share vital information as well as new and innovative programming ideas. Topics covered in past conferences include community service restitution rules and regulations, legislative updates, ​restorative justice, liability considerations, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and Judges' perspective on community service.

TCSA promotes continuing education, in part, by distributing an electronic ​newsletter. This newsletter describes upcoming member meetings, annual ​meeting agenda and registration, and stories of interest to community service ​practitioners.

Awards are also issued by TCSA to members who have distinguished ​themselves. ​The ​awards are given to recipients at the annual conference.


Vice President

Current Term: 2019-2023

Lonnie Rogers


33rd & 424th Judicial District CSCD
220 S Pierce
Burnet, TX 78611

Current Term: 2018-2022

David Peters


  Smith County Juvenile Services

  2630 Morningside Dr.

  Tyler, TX. 75708

  Current Term: 2019-2023

Joby McDaniel

Board Member
Cass County CSCD

Current Term: 2021-2024

Senae Davidson

Victoria County Juvenile Probation 

97 Foster Field Drive
Victoria, Texas 77904

Current Term: 2021-2024

Santos Aguilar

Board Member
Gillespie County Juvenile & CSCD
CSR Director

Current Term: 2021-2024

Elizabeth Servantez

Current term 2021-2022

Chris Shirley

Board Member
Gregg County Juvenile

Current Term: 2018-2022


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An annual meeting of TCSA members is held in either October or November. This annual meeting doubles as the conference. Regular meetings of the TCSA board of directors are held one time a year in conjunction with the conference. Special meetings of the board are held as necessary. Past meeting agendas and minutes are listed below.


Policy Updates:

Effective February 26, 2015, TCSA Board of Directors is comprised of members who are currently employed by one of the following:

1. Community Supervision & Corrections Department
​2. Juvenile Probation Department
3. Parole Services​
4. Law Enforcement
5. Non-Profit organizations
6. Independent School District

Guadalupe Garza

Bexar County CSCD

0975 Applewhite Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78224

Current Term 2018-2022

Karla Bautista 

Term 2021-2022

Current Term 2019-2023