TCSA members send us information on some of their special projects, such as those listed here. Feel free to send us information on your special projects .....


​​​Bastrop Wildfires Cleanup ​
​Community Service Project - Bexar County JPD youth were transported to Bastrop to assist with clean-efforts after wildfires devastated the region (October 22, 2011).

El Paso Agricultural Project
El Paso JPD - Gardening for youth on probation and in the Challenge Academy - a post-adjudication facility (September 12, 2011).​​​

Los Lonely Boys Day
Music Benefit - Hays CSCD facilitated a fundraiser with proceeds benefiting the L.U.L.A.C. scholarship fund (August 27, 2011).

​​Juvenile Probationers Bring a Little of Fiesta to Nursing Home Residents​​

Community Service Learning Project - ​Bexar County JPD youth created Fiesta theme artworks that were used as prizes at bingo they held at a local nursing home (April 21, 2012).

Probationers - Making a Difference​
Community Service Learning Project - In partnership with the Northside Lion's Club, Bexar County JPD youth helped construct off-road wheel-chairs for disabled people in developing countries (September 2012).​

Troubled Youths Gain Focus Via Photography​
Community Service Learning Project - Bexar County JPD and SA Photographers Group taught photography to CSR youth and donated project photos to an area school (December 14, 2012).​

​​Global Youth Service Day in Somerset​
Proclamation Presentation - City Council of Somerset proclaims April 20, 2013 as Global Youth Service Day in Somerset (April 18, 2013).​

Local Teens Work to Restore History in El Paso
​Global Youth Service Day - 200 youth, parents and volunteers worked to restore the Trinity Community Center (April 13, 2014).


A major CSR project

was coordinated by Lonnie Rogers of Burnet County/33rd & 424th Judicial Districts CSCD on August 7-9, 2015.

A major CSR project was coordinated by the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce & 33rd & 424th Judicial District Intermediate Sanction Facility from October 20 to November 22, 2015.

The Texas Ramp Project

Smith County Juveniles Help Build Ramps in the Community


Bexar County Juvenile Probation constructed their first Ramp March of 2016 and since then done 16 more in San Antonio


Smith County Vocational Building Dedication


We constructed our first ramp in March 2016. Since then, we’ve installed a total of 17-ramps in San Antonio.

El Paso                             CHALLENGE THERAPY DOG (click for more information)



Johnson County Juvenile Services

Yesterday at 8:52 AM (6/23/18)
This week JCJS partnered with 6 Stones Cleburne to build dog houses for the Cleburne Animal Shelter. The youth had help from their Probation Officers and a number of community leaders and mentors. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to lend a hand and support.

Pete Gonzales is with Daphne Previti Austin.
April 21 at 6:27pmToday, probation and parole youth completed a landscape project at St. Francis Episcopal Church. Always great to see young people learning, atoning, and giving back.

Clint Emerson
Admin · March 26 at 2:26pm
Some of my guys working on a project this morning the one in the gray tee shirt on his knees is my boss and he is a great guy. Proud to work for him.

 Anahuac, Texas.   Jeffery Lee and CSCD
July 2018Cleaning and fixing and mopping and sweeping at Dr. Schilling’s office and the Chambers Home with Jeffery Lee and CSCD. Thank you for your hard work today! As always, y’all did a great job!

Double Bayou, Texas.   Jeffery Lee and CSCD
July 2018
As expected, CSCD did an amazing job cleaning the Double Bayou Dance Hall! Thank you Jeffery Lee for your diligence and support in CCHC projects. And a special thank you to Terry for bringing his tractor and making it happen! I always look forward to seeing what this crew can do.