Texas Community Service Association

Each year the organization meets for several days to share vital information as well as new and innovative programming ideas. Topics covered in past conferences include community service restitution rules and regulations, legislative updates, ​restorative justice, liability considerations, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and Judges' perspective on community service.

TCSA promotes continuing education, in part, by distributing an electronic ​newsletter. This newsletter describes upcoming member meetings, annual ​meeting agenda and registration, and stories of interest to community service ​practitioners.

Awards are also issued by TCSA to members who have distinguished ​themselves. ​The ​awards are given to recipients at the annual conference.

Education is the Key to Success...........

Past ​Conferences

 2018 Conference

(San Antonio)

2017 Conference
(New Braunfels)​

​​2016 Conference​

​​​(Ft. Worth)
2015 Conference​​
​2014 Conference
(El Paso)

​​2013 Conference
(Ft. Worth)​

​​2012 Conference
​(​San Antonio)

2011 Conference
(Ft. Worth)

2010 Conference

2009 Conference

24th Annual Conference

Information 2019 Tyler TX